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French AGEC Law : First English Free Guide for the Fashion Industry.

We created the First English free guide, bringing together everything fashion industry players need to know about the French AGEC law.

French AGEC Law : First English Free Guide for the Fashion Industry (Apparel, footwear, home goods).

Reminder about the French AGEC law

(Anti-waste law for a circular economy)

This law introduces new obligations towards producers, importers and marketers in France. Its application decree dates from April 29, 2022, for implementation on January 1, 2023.

The deadline is approaching for Apparel & Footwear brands,

As a player in the fashion sector, you are concerned.

  • You sell textile products on the French territory?
  • You need to comply with this new regulation?
  • You don’t have the time to decipher the 130 articles of the law?
  • You can’t find clear and precise information sources in English about the AGEC law?

We have the solution that Fashion Industry players needs,

We created for you the first guide, in English,
that allows you to easily master the French AGEC law.

In this guide, you’ll find :


  1. An explanation of the main articles of the AGEC Law directly concerning Apparel and Footwear sector;
  2. The resulting obligations;
  3. The consequences of non-compliance;
  4. How we can help you.


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French AGEC Law : English Free Guide for Apparel & Footwear Brands & Retail

To help fashion brands & retail comply with the French AGEC Law,

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8 November 2022