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What’s new in April 2024?

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FRENCH SCORE: Automated Calculation of Emotional Durability

Introducing a groundbreaking feature on the PEFtrust platform: automated calculation of emotional durability for references. Utilizing input fields at both organizational and product levels, this feature computes the emotional durability multiplier seamlessly.


Input fields include


1/ At the Organizational Level:

  • Reference range breadth
  • Traceability display
  • Organization type



2/ At the Product Level:

  • Sale price
  • Commercialization duration





The Emotional Durability Multiplier five critical factors are


  • Repair Incentive: Incorporates the ratio of average repair cost to reference selling price, promoting repair incentives. (Organization type, sale price fields)
  • Range Breadth: Evaluates the number of references simultaneously offered by a brand or platform, influencing overall emotional durability. (Reference range breadth field)
  • Commercialization Duration: Measures the average number of days products from a brand or collection are marketed (Commercialization duration field)
  • Raw Materials: Considers the composition of the products (Bill of Materials fields).
  • Traceability Display: Analyzes the visibility of traceability to consumers during purchase (Traceability display field)



Weighting and Formula



Emotional Durability Multiplier =

0.5 + (30% * Repair Incentive) + (20% * Range Breadth) + (20% * Commercialization Duration) + (15% * Raw Materials) + (15% * Traceability Display)






Impact on Environmental Score


The emotional durability multiplier ranges from 0.5 to 1.5. The French Score is derived by dividing environmental impacts by the emotional durability multiplier.

  • When the multiplier is 0.5, the environmental score doubles.
  • When the multiplier is 1.5, the environmental score is divided by 1.5.












To understand how the French Emotional Durability is calculated, refer to the following resources: Durabilité | Ecobalyse (


Enhanced Eco-Design Tools: Effortless Product Comparison at Your Fingertips!

Our upgraded dashboard allows for simplified and detailed comparisons, facilitating eco-design decisions. For access to the Eco-Design Dashboard, please contact Customer Support for your complimentary 5-day trial.


Here’s a brief overview of what’s new:

  • Simplified and In-Depth Product Comparisons 

Our updated dashboard offers simplified comparisons of products, materials, processes, and electric mixes, helping you make well-informed eco-design choices effortlessly.

  • Expand Your Comparative Library

You can now add your products to the comparison library, enabling a swifter process for analyses and deeper insights into their environmental impacts.


  • Build Customizable Scenarios

Tailor sustainability strategies to your brand’s unique circumstances by creating custom scenarios such as “dyeing in France” or “dying in China” and comparing them with PEFCR A&F representative products. 


  • Detailed Material and Process Insights

– The comparison dashboard meticulously assesses different materials, taking into account their environmental impacts, including factors like climate change and water consumption. 

– Within the ‘Process’ tab of the Comparison Dashboard, you can effortlessly evaluate processes like dyeing or weaving, allowing you to evaluate the processes’ environmental effects in one click.


  • Energy Source Comparison

– Quickly assess countries with the highest PEF scores or carbon impacts in electricity production, providing a snapshot of environmental performance.

– Compare various energy sources, from electricity to steam, empowering informed decisions regarding energy consumption.



Europe Regulation: PEFCR Apparel & Footwear version 2.0

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest version of the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) for Apparel & Footwear (A&F)! Developed by industry experts, these new features aim at providing the platform with the most comprehensive and accurate environmental impact assessments.


What’s New?



Version 2.0 introduces a refined approach to assessing product lifetimes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of product longevity while optimizing testing costs. This includes:


  • Intrinsic Quality Multiplier (Physical Durability): 

* Tests tailored to product subcategories for relevance and cost-effectiveness.

* Reduced number of tests to lower testing costs.

* Introduction of test criticality for apparel.

* Introduction of a testing equivalence protocol.

* Approximate testing cost for a woven non-sport t-shirt is €180.


  • Extrinsic Durability Multiplier (Emotional): 

* Despite no scientific evidence establishing a causal link to lifetime, the multiplier is set to 1.


  • Repairability Multiplier:

* Repair Cost Ratio: Baseline criteria determining eligibility for a repairability multiplier.

*  Consideration of spare parts availability, repair services availability, and right to repair communication.


Cut-offs 5%

At least 95% of the product’s Bill Of Materials (BOM) by weight, covering 100% of the main fabrics, lining, padding, and electronic parts and metals.



  • Estimation of microfiber loss in washing using secondary data from The Microfiber Consortium (TMC) database combined with the product’s BOM.



  • Combination of characterization factor (CF) of the fiber with database values.



Update Deadstock (ESPR Compliance)

  • In alignment with sustainability regulations, version 2.0 refines the approach to unsold consumer products, ensuring surplus, overstock, and deadstock are accounted for accurately.  


Update of CFF (Circular Footprint Formula)


Modeling of Distribution & Loss













Clarification on Sizing

  • PEFCR includes support for companies to retro-calculate their BOM.
  • Easy conversion of brand average size with PEFCR A&F Average Size.




  • December 2019: PEFCR A&F v1.2
  • Summer 2022: PEFCR A&F v1.3
  • 2024: PEFCR A&F v2.0
  • Q1 2025: PEFCR A&F VF